Noni B is one of Australia’s best known and much-loved ladies fashion retailers. The brand has been trading since the ’60s and ’70s and has grown from a couple of stores to 9 brands (Noni B., Rockmans, Beme, W. Lane, Crossroads, Katies, Millers, Autograph and Rivers) and 1,400 stores nationwide and is now considered one of Australia’s biggest fashion retailers.

When Noni B took over the Speciality Fashion Group, they adopted 5 other fashion brands, on top of their own 4 fashion brands. The former Specialty Fashion Group brands were running separately on the SAP Hybris platform, while Noni B, Rockmans, Beme and W. Lane all ran on the eCommerce platform MaxCommerce. The main goal for the Noni B Group was to house all brands on one platform. They ultimately chose MaxCommerce, the Solutionists platform, due to the long-standing relationship with the company as well as their experience in the eCommerce business.

The new websites for the nine brands are featuring a streamlined, modern design and improved functionality, tested and implemented by our best-practice design experts. One of the biggest changes on this project has been the speed improvements due to innovative coding.

As part of the website re-development, one website back-end now powers all nine fashion retailer storefronts. Within the Content Management System (CMS), Noni B Group are able to switch between the different websites without leaving the CMS.

One of the key features is the highly advanced elastic search engine. An innovative search option that’s faster, offers a lot of site search features such as advanced product attribution that can be utilised not only for search but also for the Product pages, as well as other search functions including splitting text into words, autocompletion, fuzzy search and more. With an attribute-heavy product range, the Elastic Search engine is scalable and API driven.

Other features implemented in the different sites are; optimised page templates, a modern framework, options to build your own categories and build out promo categories, related products with NOSTO (an AI-driven engine), location-based shipping, wish lists, click and collect and much more.


  • Granular Role, Persona & Customer Management
  • Sales Rep Logins
  • Integration with CRM
  • Product Attribution
  • Price Requests
  • Multi-Warehouse Stock Rules
  • Price Matrix
  • RMA Process
  • Re-order Feature
  • Quick-order Feature
  • Price Exception Requests with CRM Integration
  • Click & Collect
  • Shipping Matrix
  • Freight Promotions with CRM Integration