Sektor specialises in delivering innovative and efficient technologies for the retail, networking, security, healthcare, ergonomics, payments and mobility markets. With their dedicated and highly knowledgeable team, Sektor have achieved rapid growth over the last 10 years. Today, they are a leading distributor, operating across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia.

When Sektor approached Solutionists, they were on the lookout for a new eCommerce platform that could further grow their B2B offering and deliver enterprise level B2B functionality. The Insite platform ticked all the boxes and enabled Sektor to utilise many out of the box Insite features as well as some bespoke solutions tailored to the company's needs and requirements. Four sites power granular customer management, roles and sales reps profiles, integration with the CRM as well as product restrictions based on customer profiles.

Sektor is also one of the first of our clients that have been set up with the highly advanced Elastic Search engine. An innovative search option that’s faster, offers a lot of site search features such as advanced product attribution that can be utilised not only for search but also for the Product pages, as well as other search functions including splitting text into words, autocompletion, fuzzy search and more. With an attribute-heavy product range, the Elastic Search engine is scalable and API driven.

The sites also cater for all relevant product attributes, videos, cross sells, price requests as well as custom product data. A pricing matrix enables custom pricing and the multi-warehouse configurations ensure location based stock availability. Customers can easily re-order, quick-order, back-order, choose to part-ship, utilise the RMA process and much more.


  • Granular Role, Persona & Customer Management
  • Sales Rep Logins
  • Integration with CRM
  • Product Attribution
  • Price Requests
  • Multi-Warehouse Stock Rules
  • Price Matrix
  • RMA Process
  • Re-order Feature
  • Quick-order Feature
  • Price Exception Requests with CRM Integration
  • Click & Collect
  • Shipping Matrix
  • Freight Promotions with CRM Integration