Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions for Manufacturers & Distributors

As ecommerce specialists, we have teamed up with Insite to deliver enterprise B2B ecommerce solutions to Australia and New Zealand - powered by Insite, implemented and supported by Solutionists. Forester recently named Insite a leader in B2B ecommerce thanks to its laser-focused offering for distributors and manufacturers:

“Insite has a strong vision for a unified value proposition that includes eCommerce and salesperson-centric and persona-driven selling.”

Built for B2B eCommerce, Insite incorporates many features to satisfy the complex business needs on the back-end and satisfy the B2B buyer by making it easy for them to conduct business. We will analyse your unique business requirements and create complete B2B ecommerce solutions tightly integrated with your back-office systems.

"Prior to partnering with Solutionists and Insite, we had researched numerous open source e-commerce platforms and were left disappointed at the lack of B2B functionality these platforms provided. InsiteCommerce was the right fit as their focus was on solving problems that distribution businesses like ours face in the online world. Working with Solutionists was seamless, their project team ensured that we launched on time and on budget and our primary developer at Solutionists worked tirelessly to ensure delivery on the project scope."

Solutions for Distributors

B2B Ecommerce Website

Create a complete B2B online offering with real-time price and stock checks, order status updates, RMA requests, freight tracking, re-ordering and more.

Branded Customer Portal

Provide customers with a branded self-service portal for a unique personalised experience. Show custom product catalogues and specific pricing for quick and easy ordering.

B2C Ecommerce Website

Expand into the B2C market with a solution that allows for customisation of imagery, product catalogues and persona-based content.

Mobile App

Arm your sales team with a mobile solution that not only delivers your catalogue digitally but also allows them to search, browse and share rich product and sales material. 

Sales Rep Portal

Empower your sales team by giving them the ability to look up their customer orders, place sample requests, request quotes and search for specific product information.

Inventory Clearance Website

Move deadstock, overstock, out-of-season or open-box inventory quickly and cost-effectively through a dedicated clearance storefront.

Spare Parts & Services Website

Supply your end customers, service representatives and installers with an online channel for replacement, spare and maintenance parts and services.

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Solutions for Manufacturers

B2B Ecommerce Website

Offer your customers with self-service options equipped with account approval and budgeting workflows, custom attributes, specifications, multiple part identifiers and easy inventory control.

Catalogue Website

Utilise a catalogue website to provide optimised and in-depth content, high resolution imagery, large amounts of attributes and configurable options. 3

Channel Partner Portal

Enable your channel partners to place orders quickly and easily with a portal designed specifically for them.

Mobile App

Provide your sales team with an easy-to-use mobile catalogue, content management, distribution and detailed reporting capabilities. Real-time data at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.

B2C Drop Ship Website

Serve a broader range of customers without disrupting traditional distribution channels. Employ a drop ship website with a robust promotions engine, demonstration videos, ratings and reviews etc.

B2C Ecommerce Website

Connect with the end consumer directly via a mobile-responsive platform allowing customers to research, browse, compare and transact no matter what screen size or device they use.

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