Computer Lounge

Since 2003, Computer Lounge has offered a bespoke PC building service that offers the user the opportunity to explore their individual style. They aim to create a system that is truly personal and unique.

The same goes for their new website. It needed to be unique and personal to speak to their audience. One of the unique features was the Custom PC builder feature, which enables visitors to build and order their own customised computer system on the website.

Computer Lounge is also the first of our clients that have been set up with the highly advanced Elastic Search engine. An innovative search option that’s faster, offers a lot of site search features such as advanced product attribution that can be utilised not only for search but also for the Product pages, as well as other search functions including splitting text into words, autocompletion, fuzzy search and more. With an attribute-heavy product range, the Elastic Search engine is scalable and API driven.

Additional payment options have also been added as part of development: Oxipay, Laybuy and Flexipay for financing.


  • Elastic Search Engine
  • Custom PC Builder
  • Oxipay Payment Provider
  • Laybuy Payment Provider
  • FlexiPay for Finance Options
  • Blog Module
  • Dispatch Module
  • Online Gift Cards
  • Mega Menu Builder
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Promotions Module
  • Save for Later
  • Scheduled Panels
  • Courier Integration
  • Integration with Akeneo (PIM)
  • Integration with cSoft (ERP)