Canterbury approached us in 2019 about moving their B2B processes online, offering their customers to browse and bulk order products. 

To serve both their Australian and New Zealand based customers, we built two front-ends with one shared back-end for easy ongoing management. Both sites have restricted access with integrated user management utilising an FTP to transfer customer data. This includes account as well as credit status and upon login prompts customers with reference to their account status and credit limits.

The sites also empower Canterbury sales reps by enabling them to log into the sites to place orders on behalf of their customers or place cash sale orders. With behind the scenes customer mappings to individual sales preps, each sales rep has access to their customer base automatically upon login.

In order to cater for different product ranges, categories for wholesale, indent and clearance products are automatically created with corresponding styles through integration with Fabrix using specific attributes to map products to their correct website categories. 


  • Website Statistics
  • Responsive Website Design
  • MaxCommerce CMS
  • Member Management with admin access control
  • B2B Bulk Online Ordering Form
  • Integration with Fabrix
  • Custom order processes to cater for customers and sales reps
  • Custom business rules for customer account and credit status
  • Automated category creation and population with Fabrix attribute integration