The Ultimate Guide to the Favourites Feature

7 Jun 2019

Cart abandonment rates in retail are on average 75%. One of the most effective means to reduce abandonment rates and to encourage the eventual purchase is to provide a favourites feature for shoppers.

It’s also an effective way to fulfil sales from customers who were interested in items but weren’t ready to buy yet. Favouries are mutually beneficial: they give customers an easy way to remind themselves of items saved and help measure product interest.

Benefits of favourites

Favourites and mobile technology

Before purchasing products, consumers often research the products on their mobile device. Just over half of all consumers will research products on their mobile device during the holiday season. 

But browsing endless products on your mobile device to find the perfect item can be a tedious and arduous job. It is the idea of a lengthy search time that often discourages many people from shopping online. Being able to mark preferred items reduces this timely process and the next time they visit the site, they can immediately buy without the need to sift through products again.

Increase engagement

Favourites work well at increasing engagement on the site, even if the user decides not to purchase an item on that visit. The habit of users visiting the site and actively viewing and marking products as favourites is golden data in itself. This online window-shopping style can be turned into future purchase via follow up emails.

Out-of-stock items

Is an item out-of-stock? With favourites, visitors will be able to track the status of their item. It can also inform how much inventory to compile: products popular in favourites have a higher likelihood to sell out.

Sale items

This process is also applicable to items that go on sale. For example, ModCloth informs its site users when clothing and accessories in favourites are discounted. This is an excellent method for re-engaging customers who exhibited both interest and hesitation to purchase.


Shopping online for friends and family is simpler with the favourites feature. Once favourite items have been chosen, the creator can send it to friends and family in anticipation of holidays, birthdays etc. and ensure that the gifts they receive will be something they desire, as opposed to unwanted gifts. The ability to share favourites publicly increases the reach of the brand and gaining free brand awareness.

Also, the friend or family member of your customer, visiting your store to buy a favourite item, may end up becoming a regular customer themselves. Word-of-mouth marketing and referrals from friends and/or family are a strong factor in turning visitors into customers.

Rationalise shopping behaviour

Favourites give customers the impression that their shopping is well planned and rational. For example, by adding a product to favourites and after two months the product is still desired, then buying it feels justified. It is no longer an impulse buy or a purchase made on a whim, but rather a well-considered and thought out purchase. It also meets the needs of slow buyers: customers who show different buying temperament and prefer to give each transaction a good, hard think.

Get the best out of the favourites feature with marketing automation

For favourites to deliver results, they must be combined with marketing actions such as:

  • Email Marketing: emails are vital to remind users they have outstanding items in their favourites. It’s also important to remind them about discounts on any items in the list, any upcoming holiday specials when it’s perfect time to buy, as well as informing them that the list can be shared with family and friends.
  • Personalisation: gathering more information on customer preferences can help to tailor offers more precisely.
  • Rewards: add reward points for adding items to their favourites.
  • eCommerce Optimisation: discovering which products are frequently added to favourites can allow you to understand which products are popular and promote these on the site.

There’s no doubt that including the Favourites feature will provide an improved eCommerce experience for your visitors. Not all of them will use it, but it will help bring referral traffic to your website. Some of our clients like Max, One Teaspoon and Burnsco have already implemented favourites with great success.

If you would like to hear more about how the favourites feature can work for you? Contact us today!


Jessica de Heij

date published:

7 Jun 2019