Choosing the right type of video to promote your products

Share video content with purpose

7 Jan 2021

In today’s digital world, video is king – and here’s proof. New research shows that 85% of businesses are already using video, 92% of marketers who use video say it’s an important part of their strategy, and as a result 95% intend to increase or maintain their current spend on video marketing.

Video is versatile, engaging and easy to share across multiple platforms, making it accessible to practically anyone with a device and the internet. For brands who use video content well, it can significantly improve the customer experience and drive gains in almost every marketing statistic, including increasing conversions by up to 85%.

Now that you understand the power of video marketing, the next step to adding video to your website is choosing what type of video to create. The world reportedly watches one billion hours of YouTube every day, so the key to incorporating video while remaining competitive is to create and share video with purpose.

Here we look at five types of video – and how each can be used to effectively market your products:

1. The how-to video

97% of marketers say that video helps their customers understand their products. If there’s one type of video that does that job well, it’s the how-to video.

This type shows customers how they can use your product. It could be instructional, demonstrating how to assemble something, it could be DIY-inspired or it could illustrate the numerous features or benefits of a product.

Here’s a good example: the Breville Precision Brewer

When to try: Use how-to videos when talking about complex products that require guidance from an expert to set up or use.

2. The story video

Unleash your creativity! This type of video talks to the story behind a product – how it was made, materials used, challenges overcome. It appeals to the emotive side of purchasing behaviour, and most importantly, shows customers how your product can change their lives too.

Here’s a good example: Arc’teryx

When to try: Here is an opportunity to tell your brand story visually and connect with your customers on a more personal level. The best part is, the video doesn’t need to be flash, it just needs to be authentic – making it a budget-friendly option for new eCommerce businesses. 

3. The installation video

Like a how-to video, this demonstrates how to set up a product before it can be used. Say goodbye to lengthy instruction manuals – installation videos should give your customers enough information so they feel empowered to handle the technical aspects of the product all on their own.

When to try: This type of video works well for product installations that be done without expert help. Avoid making them too long or cumbersome – focus on giving clear instructions that are easy to understand.

4. The product performance video

Build authenticity around your product by showing your audience the experience they can expect through video. Use this type of video to demonstrate the user experience in a real and authentic way, so your customers can see how the product fits into their everyday lives.

Here’s a good example: Training Mask

When to try: If your product has an everyday application that can make a buyer’s life easier, performance videos can be great to illustrate this experience. These videos should add light to customers’ lives and make them smile.

5. The testimonial video

Shine a light on your product – show the before-and-after experience of one of your customers through a testimonial video. Focus on the customer journey, demonstrate specific and tangible results, and always talk to the true, real-life experience of actual customers – it’s easy to spot an inauthentic experience.

When to try: Customers trust their peers more than anyone else. Use testimonial videos to prove the value of your product by letting your happiest customers do the talking.

The right type of video will yield results

You know video marketing is worth the investment, and now you know what type of videos you can create to promote your eCommerce products. Choosing the right type of video and sharing content with a purpose are both essential to ensuring you drive the results you’re looking for.

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date published:

7 Jan 2021