B2B Online Ordering

It's not as hard as you think

Why is it that much of the B2B trade is still stuck in the old world of order forms and manual processes?

We often hear from our retail clients that they wish ordering from their wholesale suppliers was as easy for them as it is for their customers. And it’s true – most B2B trade is clunky and manual or involves cobbled together and archaic back office processes. But today’s B2B buyers want more.

Sure, B2B trading does have some unique needs not present in B2C transactions. Your average off-the-shelf ecommerce solution struggles with such things as bulk ordering across product ranges, re-ordering off actual sales data, special pricing by user and mainly ‘on-account’ purchases. Most wholesalers consign ecommerce to the too hard basket, and staff are left working in the dark ages.

So what if B2B ecommerce sites could deliver both an elegant user experience AND the B2B functions required? Things like smart discount matrices based on a user’s profile, or the ability to repeat a recent order, or upload orders directly from POS data?

Our experience with both sides of commerce means that Solutionists has addressed these requirements, and the many other key functions that matter to B2B traders, by baking modules into the MaxCommerce platform.

What does that mean? It’s much, much easier for us to be able to deliver on the specialist ecommerce needs of wholesale buyers and sellers.

And the net result? Our B2B customers report that their customers’ satisfaction soars when they offer online ordering solutions, costs for client servicing plummet and staff are released from their shackles to add real value.

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