Case Study

Cult label ONETEASPOON has increased conversion rate by 90% with the MaxCommerce platform

15 Oct 2019


OneTeaspoon is the original cult label for luxury denim, clothing, accessories & home decor for women, men and kids. Founder and Creative Director behind OneTeaspoon Jamie Blakey started the Australian cult label in 2000 by designing clothes she wanted to wear herself - a core ethos and lifestyle OneTeaspoon still follows today. Drawing from eclectic design inspiration and transcending trends, each collection is inherently both edgy and wearable; the epitome of rebellious cool. From ‘those’ iconic denim shorts (their original Bandits denim cutoffs), to ready-to-wear clothing & apparel, OneTeaspoon continually pushes the boundaries to create luxury womenswear and menswear.


Assist OneTeaspoon by integrating their SVI integration (ERP) with their Magento platform with a future plan of growing their ecommerce business and potentially replatforming. This led to a decision to move away from Magento and onto MaxCommerce following a successful ERP integration.

Next steps involved:

  • Redesign their current Australian and American websites with a new, fresh look. 
  • Integrating the websites with Emarsys (marketing automation platform).
  • Development of a dispatch app for order processing purposes. 

What Solutionists did (solution)

OneTeaspoon contacted Solutionists after a glowing recommendation by Island Pacific (ERP) with a goal to integrate their existing website with their ERP System.

At this point, they acknowledged Solutionists experience and knowledge as integration experts, and this made OneTeaspoon decide to move their websites onto the Solutionists MaxCommerce platform.

1. Redesign of the websites
For the website Solutionists looked at simplifying and creating a cleaner design, bringing the focus on the product imagery. It was especially important to emphasize this on the product detail page with beautiful imagery and implementation of product videos.  Other features that have been added were the mega menu builder, the option to add products to the wishlist on the list page and adding the Instagram feed on the homepage.   All these changes were based on best practice standards and UX research. 

2. Integration with Emarsys
Integration entailed several data feeds for not only customer data but also product and sales data for in-depth tracking and reporting purposes. On top of this, transactional email integration also needed to be implemented to trigger emails such as order confirmations, dispatch emails etc. further enabling OneTeaspoon to measure the effectiveness of their emails.

3. Development dispatch app
The dispatch app needed to be tailored specifically to the OneTeaspoon warehousing processes and needed to be designed with efficiency improvements in mind. The app also needed to be integrated with the courier provider to ensure shipping options, costs and tracking details can all be captured.

Results, return on investment and future plans

Since OneTeaspoon has moved to MaxCommerce in 2019 they have seen some amazing results. 

  • One of the biggest benefits for OneTeaspoon has been the dispatch app – efficiency has increased dramatically, and they are now working 8x faster than they used to be. 
  • Bounce rate has dropped by over 82%
  • Customers are spending more time on the site and are more engaged (session duration is up over 26%).
  • eCommerce conversion rate increased by over 90%, with mobile conversion rate increase over 117%.

Redesign of the website
After experiencing both platforms (MaxCommerce from Solutionists and Magento) they have noticed the MaxCommerce platform is way more user-friendly and just easier to work with:

“While Magento is more like windows (less user-friendly, and hard to figure out), the MaxCommerce platform is more like a smooth-running mac (it just works!)” 

“MaxCommerce is such a great platform and compared to the Magento platform, changes can be made so much faster. There is no lag like we had with Magento”

Another big advance was, that they had to do a lot less troubleshooting. For example, promotions (price changes) could be done instantly on the MaxCommerce platform, while this could take hours on the Magento platform. And they were really surprised by the power of the platform. They were using multiple videos on the MaxCommerce platform and haven’t noticed any speed reduction at all. 

Integration with Emarsys and development of the dispatch app
Solutionists has successfully integrated Emarsys on MaxCommerce to work with their systems and have also developed the dispatch app. Working with Solutionists was great, no-repeat conversations and scoping process with James was great and painless. 

The dispatch app was a game-changer for OneTeaspoon. It gave them the opportunity to increase efficiency dramatically with their order processing. 

Would like to hear more about how Solutionists can help you with your eCommerce offering? For more information about the different features, have a look on our OneTeaspoon client page or contact us today.


Case Study


Jessica de Heij

date published:

15 Oct 2019