Solutionists Integration API

Integration API

Integration is used to handle the data flow of products, imagery, stock, pricing, loyalty and customers into the website, and the flow of online orders out of the website.

Our integration API module enables your website to operate with real-time data and push orders without constant manual maintenance, reducing administration time and increasing data accuracy. The API can be adapted to integrate with almost any system regardless of how you use it.

We also have pre-configured integration solutions for many of the common business management, back office and Point of Sale systems.

The integration API module is also used in our marketplace integration options, such as eBay, Google Shopping, Westfield and Trade Me, as well as social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.


  • Island Pacific / SVI /DolFIN
  • Kudos / Counter Intelligence
  • Retail Pro
  • Ontempo / Management 2000
  • Triquestra / Infinity RMS / IWI
  • Sage
  • Exonet / MYOB EXO
  • MS Dynamics AX / CRM
  • Fabrix
  • Vend
  • Netsuite
  • Epicor
  • Advanced Retail
  • LS Retail
  • Xero
  • Infor
  • Unleashed
  • Ramsys
  • IFS
  • Quanta

Solutionists Integration Real-Data Accuracy


Integration delivers real-time data flow, ensuring 100% accuracy across all channels.

Solutionists Efficiency with Integration


Integration automates the flow of information in and out of your website, eliminating the need for manual product, customer and order entry.

Solutionists Omni-Channel Customer Experience online with loyalty, store credit and in-stock availability

Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Integration offers an enhanced shopping experience for your customers by delivering functionality such as Where in stock, single customer accounts, loyalty schemes, accurate data and store credit online.

Solutionists Social Platform Integration


Create a cohesive digital presence by integrating your ecommerce website with social systems such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.

Solutionists Marketplace Integration with eBay, Westfield, Facebook, and TradeMe


Deliver a far reaching online presence by connecting your product with sites such as Westfield, EBay, Facebook, TradeMe, ShopWhat’sNew and Polyvore.

Solutionists Multi-System Integration for warehouse, courier and email management in one place

Multi-System Integration

Manage your online processes in a single place by integrating with third party suppliers such as email management, fulfilment centres and courier and distribution.