Solutionists Custom Form Creator Tool

Custom Form Creator

The form builder module provides online creation and editing of unlimited forms which you can then drop into your website.

Create custom forms such as “Register your interest” (in a product), competitions, member sign ups, cataloguer request, surveys and more.

Solutionists Edit Online Form

Create your form

Use text boxes, radio buttons, tick boxes, dropdown lists and submit buttons to create an easy to use form.

Solutionists Custom Form Creator Email Setting

Email Notification

Automatically email customers once their form submission has been received, and site administrators when a form has been submitted.

Solutionists Custom Form Creator Submission Setting

“Form Submitted” page

Show custom content pages after a customer has completed a form.

Solutionists Form Data

Form data export

Export the data from your forms into an excel spread sheet.

Solutionists Custom Form Membership Mapping

Map to database

Map the form data into a new or existing customer database.

Solutionists Multi-Form Creation

Multi forms

Have more than one form page follow another to create a multi-step form process.