Solutionists Product Bulk Upload
Solutionists Product Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload

Our bulk product uploader allows you to easily upload spread sheets of products into the website to add or edit product details. You can categorise your products by product type, attributes, season, customer and more to create a personalised shopping experience.

The product uploader is configurable based on your unique data requirements. This is an excellent alternative option to fully integrating your back office systems, and allows extra data to be easily added to products.

Solutionists Bulk Upload by Spreadsheet

Works with Excel spread sheets

Create product spread sheets using Excel to load into your website.

Solutionists Fast Bulk Product Uploader

Fast Uploading

Load thousands of products into your website in seconds.

Solutionists Bulk Upload for Fast Product Updates

Quick Update

Easily update prices, descriptions and stock levels in minimal time.

Solutionists Bulk Upload Zip files

Image zip files

Load your images in zip files at the same time as loading your product spread sheets.

Solutionists Bulk Upload Product Colour Mappings

Automated image matching

Opt for automated image matching based off product SKU code.

Solutionists Customised Bulk Upload

Customise your data upload

The product uploader can be configured to allow loading of any type of data you require.