B2B Bulk Online Order Form

Bulk Order Form

The bulk order form replaces the standard product list page with a layout that enables customers to add products to their cart in bulk. This is ideal for b2b or wholesale customers, who need the ability to easily and quickly place bulk orders.

Visual & Practical

The bulk order form arranges products vertically for easy scanning. The page displays not only a product image, but also name, product code, colour codes, and barcodes, enabling users to find products quickly.

Size Availability

Each available product size is shown on the bulk order form. A quantity field for each size option allows users to add the quantity needed on the fly without having to navigate away from the page.

Sticky Summary Widget

As users add quantities, these are captured in a sticky summary widget to ensure selected quantities are visible as the user scrolls down the page.

Clearing Selection

A “Clear” button enables users to remove selected sizes for any given product by the click of a button.

Shopping Cart

Once users have selected their required quantities, they can update the cart, which will move items from the summary widget into the shopping cart.